Dressing up – and looking your loveliest, isn’t for me based on special occasions only, everyday, in my books is truly special.

The personal armor that we all wear, is about helping us to stand tall and confident, elegant and regal, our inner foibles we have to work on, but our clothing can give us a head start.

Interestingly, in the case of a woman’s wardrobe, no one garment has caused such a stir throughout time, and to this day other than ‘The

The dress whose construction can be a myriad of style lines, or simplicity of cut which lets the fabric do the talking, contains within ‘her’ the power to turn heads, start a conversation or stop one, ‘the dress’ – the right dress that is, does exactly that.

A dress of elegance is a quietly confident style, it doesn’t shout at you because she doesn’t need to, you will come to her.  Softness and frills don’t have to imply being submissive, femininity is a strength to be celebrated.

The fabric’s used for dresses, they too have their part to play, the fluidity of liquid silk, frolics with the sensuous shaping of the body especially when cut on the bias; jersey fabrics cling, drape and move with your contours and looks amazing in both day and evening wear.

That special dress is usually the number one factor at weddings, but wait, what about that first date, evening cocktails after work, a weekend away, office parties, a black tie event, the red carpet… the list continues to build.

Even the tomboy of a lady, has people doing a double-take when seen wearing a dress, there was a reason the fairy Godmother stepped in and said to Cinderella ‘you shall go to the ball’, and then the transformation took place.

Dresses, long, maxi, short, midi, have been head turners throughout the centuries, and will continue to be so.

Coral Turner – Couture Designer

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