A little about Coral

Let’s start with a home truth, ‘clothes matter’. There is power in clothing; what we wear has the unique ability to transform not only our body shape, but also our personality.

For me, it is this simple fact that makes clothing fascinating.

Think about it this way, wearing a top in a particular colour, that suits your personality, can really lift your mood. The cut of a woman’s suit can transform your physique, the silhouette of a dress with vertical stripes can make you appear taller. The list goes on.

I’ve been sewing from an early age, or more to the point, when my mum thought it was OK for me to be trusted with needles, pins and scissors! Designing clothes has always been a humbling experience to me. Seeing an idea come to life, turning my thoughts into a pattern to work from; then testing this theory in fabric.

The questions at the forefront of my mind are, will it work, will it fit, how will it fit, does it suit me, is this my vision? Then there is the technique in putting it all together, the artisan craft of couture sewing, a skill that is sadly being disregarded as opposed to being passed on, but that’s for another conversation…

I work at a studio in Thames Side Studios, Woolwich. Near the Thames Barrier. It’s a thriving hub of creativity which includes artists and crafts people from all disciplines. I encourage all my clients and potential clients to visit me in my place of work and soak up a little of the environment. Surrounded by textures, fabrics and colour we can explore the possibilities of designing and making clothes which lift your spirits and embody your personality at its best.

Contact to arrange a visit.