Non traditional wedding dresses

I remember my first experience of attending a wedding for a work colleague, she wore a white jersey jump suit with diamanté embellishments, and the bridesmaids wore dresses with bolero jackets; it was fabulous as they would not be garments relegated to the back of the wardrobe after the event, they could all be worn again. This was in the late 80’s way before fashion was talking about sustainability, our responsibility to the planet and the people who work in appalling conditions in the fashion industry. Something that in my opinion should not have to be a consideration but a way of life – just saying!

I’ve designed hand made garments that are non traditional for weddings, and yet they say ‘wedding and bride’ perfectly for the occasion. As with the pictures below, you can get a feel for the process which led to the gorgeous bride-to-be, on her special day, wearing a tailor made wedding coat in silk zibeline, with a liquid silk satin blue sapphire lining; accompanied by a couture handmade ivory coloured wrap-over top, worn with trousers to match. The bride looked sensational, it was a honour to work with her and a beautifully humbling experience for me.

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