I am often asked questions as to certain terminology I use on my website, with that in mind I thought I would take this opportunity to explain further as to the philosophy behind the brand Coral Turner Couture.

What are one-of-a-kind garments?

The garments on the website and at my studio are each the only one I have handmade.  Therefore ensuring you exclusivity, my goal is to make sure that no two women turn up to an event wearing the same garment.  Having experienced this personally it was not a pleasant encounter, having spoken to other women who have been on the receiving end of this ‘fashion faux pas’ I decided to be a small designer brand that speaks to the individual.

What if the garment I like is not in my size can I order one in my size?

There are two parts to this answer: (1) the first is unfortunately ‘no’ as the size measurements of the garment on the website are the only one handmade in that fabric and size.  (2) However the design of the garment can be handmade in your size measurements in a different fabric and for this you will require a consultation with me. It’s all in keeping with the brand philosophy of each garment being the only one handmade.

What is couture ready-to-wear?

Couture means fine sewing it incorporates a lot of hand-sewing in the process of making a garment; ready-to-wear means the garment(s) is ready for you to purchase and wear straight away.  I have combined these two dressing features to provide you the wearer with a garment that is individually handmade using couture sewing techniques and is also ready for you to wear.

Are your garments mass produced?

Definitely not! I design and make each garment individually they are each the only one I have handmade.   I intentionally seek out fabrics that are limited in supply. When I make a dress or top in a particular fabric and there is fabric remaining I will make another alternative designed garment – there’s no wastage in my design chain.  I believe in sustainability making investment pieces that you will want to wear again and again. 

As best I can I want for you to be the only person in the World wearing your chosen Coral Turner Couture garment, this all goes back to individuality the start of our conversation at the beginning and is the philosophy behind the brand.

© Coral Turner Couture