Handmade dresses

It’s a misconception that handmade dresses are mainly for special occasions, and dressmakers will be less costly than a designer dress you see on the High Street. Custom made dresses, which means it is a dress made to your measurements, takes into consideration the varying dynamics of your body-shape. This can vary from a large bust with a small waist, to a pert derriere with voluptuous hips, to the fact that you are taller than 5ft 6″ and some ready-to-wear garments are either too short for you, or the waist is in the wrong place.

How much are couture dresses?

Now there’s a question, to which I cannot provide a definitive answer. Just as each individual is different, so is the pricing structure, depending on your requirements. Let me run you through a few of the things to take into consideration: do you want a dress that has long or short sleeves, fitted to your curves, semi-fitted or loose as in a tunic style, knee length or below or above!? Depending on the function you are attending there are certain dress codes in place. And we have not discussed fabric as yet, let alone colour preferences.

Behind the scenes at an atelier

There’s a process that goes into making your garment which can be weeks or months in the making; the conversation starts with a brief discovery chat, which then leads onto a consultation. Ideas are shared, styles and designs looked at and examined, you may have an idea for a certain neckline, afterall it looks great in the picture, but does it suit you, your frame and face? What’s the occasion, and timeframe? Remember custom made dresses can be weeks and months in the making, planning ahead is a definite, last minute ‘just run up a frock’ is a no-no in my books! Yes I have had those exact words used!!

Couture hand sewing techniques

It’s a craft I hold in high regard, the techniques have been honed for years by us fellow artisans and we continue to learn (well, I do). Sadly it is a skillset that is diminishing rapidly due to fast fashion and is not taught in schools, which is even more of a shame. Couture sewing techniques, designing, the architecture that is pattern cutting making for the foundation of a garment., each and every aspect has merit and value towards making the finished garment.

Couture dressmaking is all about personal attention; every detail with regards to your garment is all about YOU, how it fits YOU, from the fall of the neckline, to your fabric and colour choice.

It covers an array of events/moments in our lives: Corporate Dressing, Public Speaking, Weekend Breaks, Race Day Dresses, Mother of the Bride, The Bride, Cocktail Dresses, Cruise Ship Dressing, Prom Dresses, Couture Dressing Gowns … the list goes on.

Want to talk to me about a hand made garment, made just for you? Contact me here.