Madame Butterfly


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The ocean blue of this gorgeous paisley fabric has a wonderful stretch because of the crinkle texture. Now, whilst I could have made a top without the fanfare of long tails flowing from the drop-sleeves, that would not show who you are when wearing this top. Why? Because you are all about the fanfare, and I don’t apologise for saying so and neither do you.

You can add another dimension to this top by tying the long tails around your waist, or leave them to dangle as they do. The neckline is strategically gathered along the edge, which allows for the soft turquoise velvet ribbon to keep the structure in place, creating another design element. Here’s where we see you, framing your face with this neckline.

The body is loose-fitting yet not baggy, there’s shaping here in the bodice, which is why she wears perfectly with trousers – skinny or otherwise. And yes, shorts – picking out the colours in the top, you have plenty to choose from: from the hues of blue denim jeans, to brilliant white, and definitely black. A skirt I feel would throw the design slightly off balance; the butterfly needs room to spread her wings. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Crinkle polyester
Size: 12/14
Loving care: Dry clean
Handmade in London, UK