Lady Boss

Pinstriped kimono top with tie neck detail, gusset sleeves, button front, two step hem detail front and back.


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The silver and grey ribbon stripes set on a crisp white background immediately grabbed my attention, then on touching the fabric it was one of those ‘oh I can work with this fabric’ as it is soft to the touch. Sometimes when a fabric looks stiff it can also feel that way on the body, which is what I want to avoid for you however, this fabric ticks all the boxes for comfort and style.

When it came to the design I was thinking of a time when I worked as a PA, I liked to wear suits with a shirt, blouse or t-shirt at the office, my look was about being chic and polished. With this fabric I thought what would happen if I combined a look? I came up with the idea for a short-sleeved top that could also work as a short sleeved jacket on warmer days.

I didn’t want to break the flow of the fabric by having set-in short sleeves which is where the idea for a Kimono style sleeve came about, however to allow for movement I would have to add a gusset, which is functional couture detail. You see because of the Kimono shaping without this gusset (which is under the arm) when you raise your arms upwards the whole top would move with you, however by adding this additional couture detail of a gusset when you raise your arms upwards the top stays in place. Clever isn’t it, I can’t take credit for it, as it’s a technique that you used to find in fine quality garments.

The tie neck bow, now this was a lot of fun there are options ‘to tie in a bow or not to tie’, that is the question (you know I could not resist using that Shakespearean phrase)! The fabric is crisp therefore the collar can either be worn standing up or folded over it’s about function and style. The back of the top is purposely made to sit just on the waistline with the front being longer than the back, this detail I found sits better on the body when wearing this particular style of top with trousers.

And don’t think of this dressy top as only being for an office environment far from it, an investment piece such as this would look equally lovely worn with grey leather trousers (one option of colour), or a skirt. Accessorise with silver jewellery or crystal beaded bracelets, that’s a nice touch. I named her Lady Boss as that’s how I thought of the woman who will wear her; a woman in charge of her own destiny. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Cotton and polyester
Size: 12/14
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK