Turquoise Jewel

Pucci style print of vibrant colours, hand-finished roll neck top, long lace sleeves.


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It was the pattern in the lace along with the exotic flowers of the print that said to me these two fabrics have to work together.

Her sister in style is a dress named ‘Eastern Promise’ and her other sister is a sleeveless top named ‘Flower Temple’ they look wonderful together as a collection. Anyway that’s another story…

With Turquoise Jewel, I know I keep coming up with all these exotic names but that’s how the fabric speaks to me and makes me feel when sharing, the blue orchid flowers with the lime green daisy flowers, set on a black and white background they all shout ‘look I’m here, I am no shrinking violet’! Of course I have to match that calling by adding the black patterned lace. I like the way the roll of the collar stands proud and tall because of the texture of the lace weave.

The long laced sleeves have a very fine mesh running through the pattern providing the weave with structure and support the lace is soft against your skin. The hemline of this jersey top is married in style to the neckline in lace, and the sleeve hemline has bound edging again in black lace.

All these details are important to the design and look of Turquoise Jewel, it’s a top that on wearing you are instantly visible, I like that you can pick out the vibrant jewelled colours as a choice for your separates or wear her with black or white trousers, denim would also work beautifully. The only one-of-a-kind

Fabric: Rayon and lace polyester
Size: 10
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK