Lady Hoody

Short sleeved raglan top with hood detail and centre front zip finish.


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I have to admit I got a little carried away when making this black hooded top, it was cold that morning I had to pop out and run some errands, plus I fancied an early morning walk; I didn’t want to wear a hat but I did want some form of head-covering.

I wore my soft tailored pants, plain black t-shirt, quilted jacket and pumps, off I went walking deep in thought. I knew I would be making the next top in black Baumwolle cotton continuing the theme of the Black Top Collection. Then I thought why not add a hood to the next top, “a hooded top, no – I replied, come on Coral add the unexpected” a little voice was saying, that made me smile.

When I returned home I thought ‘well if you I am going to add a hood, I have to make it stand out, so how about adding a different texture still in black yet contrasting’? I went to my fabric cupboard, and there on the shelf was the stretch black textile puckered fabric I had used to make the dress Velvet. It was as though this contrasting fabric had just been waiting for me to take her on another journey. The timing of it all was perfect as I already had the main black cotton fabric on my pattern cutting table waiting to see what her adventure would be as she joined the collection of other black jersey tops.

I had to be mindful that with a hooded garment and the delicacy of the cotton I didn’t want it to stretch out of place when placed over your head which is why I added a zipper front closure. And there you have it, Lady Hoody even the name makes me smile, she’s a versatile top where style and function combine. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: 100% cotton
Size: 12/14
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK