Flower Temple

Boat neck top with lace inserts and lace back.


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This fabric which I have described as a Pucci style print has a sister dress named ‘Eastern Promise’ and another sister a long sleeved top named ‘Turquoise Jewel.’

The centered lace theme on the front of this jersey patterned top its positioning of the turquoise orchid emerging from the lace I find to be romantic in style. Each element of design is taken into consideration the same applies for fabric placement. The colours of the boat neck top, will they raise the wearer’s vibration and energy? I believe Flower Temple ticks these boxes of raised vibration and energy.

Isn’t that what we want from our garments, our daily armour, wearing clothes that uplift and enhance our personality? That’s one of the reasons my designs are vibrant in colour, and tactile with texture.

Flower Temple is a sleeveless dressy top with a deep boat neckline that gently caresses the shaping of your shoulders and neck; coupled with black patterned lace for the back. I like the way they all intertwine because of the texture of the lace weave, the back tells one story, the front another and yet their differences join them as one.

Binding the sleeve edges in lace continues the theme alongside a curved hemline shaping, resting elegantly on your hips, when designing I am always thinking about how t he garment will fit and flatter you the wearer.

All these details are important to the overall design and look, our clothes speak before we do, so it’s important they speak confidently! The only one-of-a-kind. ,

Size: 10/12
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK