Red Fleece – Buttons

Red fleece top – Buttons.


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I love going for walks especially in my hometown of Manchester and walking the family dogs. Now I first came across fleece by accident, or was it? I was gifted a piece of patterned fleece fabric with a Native American weave pattern, I made and designed a raglan sleeved fleece top with a contrasting high collar and detachable sleeves.

I did not know that on creating this style of top in fleece fabric it would become my go-to tops of protection, warmth, fashion, style all whilst walking the dogs, going for early morning walks, and driving on cold mornings.

With a light t-shirt underneath my fleece top, my sleeveless quilted Gilet I was set warm and cosy against the elements. When temperatures considerably too freezing I still wear my fleece top only this time with a long sleeved jacket or quilted coat fits perfectly underneath these garments and I am toasty to say the least!

Admittedly the fleece tops I had seen in sports shops left a lot to be desired in my opinion, which is probably the reason I had not paid attention previously, as for style well that was not what I was seeing. The fleece tops I had noticed also appeared to be quite chunky in appearance making me think of teddy bears and the additional pounds it would add to my appearance, so I wasn’t really impressed.

However fast forward to the printed fleece top I had made women were stopping me and asking where I had purchased her, I would go into shops and be quizzed they said they liked the fit and collar detail, I also received two orders from women who asked for my business card. As I researched the benefits of fleece fabric further it opened up a whole new world to me in terms of design, style and practicality however I was constantly perfecting my pattern and fit.

Key elements for fleece fabric I found were as follows:-

  • It’s versatile
  • Wicks away water from the body when you sweat
  • Water and wind resistant – thus keeping you warm
  • Lightweight and warm
  • Best not to use fabric softener as it will reduce its water repellent ability
  • When washing turn inside out helps to reduce pilling

Not bad for a fabric I had not worked with before, and have grown to love because of its practicality.

Buttons as I have named this red fleece top is a result of going back and forth perfecting the fit of the pattern and garment, the back of the top is purposely wider than the front I found this allows more room for a curvy bottom, the hemline edges are bound curved shaped which is a functional design detail for movement. The stylised shaped high neck collar keeps you warm around the neck and throat (a style deterrent for colds), raglan sleeves allows comfortable movement with this type of fleece fabric. The button(s) are the finishing touch as to designer detail afterall people cannot fail to see the collar design equally they cannot fail to see you and they will. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: 100% cotton
Size: 14
Loving care: Cool hand wash or 30 degree synthetics in the washing machine. Do not tumble dry.
Made by hand in London, UK