One of the most common questions that we ask one another is “What do you do?”.  When I respond to that question, “ I am couture designer.”, I get a mixed reaction of quizzical looks and flattering nods of “Oh that is wonderful.”  And from time to time, I get “Ahh, you’re a dressmaker ( or seamstress) which leaves me with quizzical look on my face!

Yes, I make dresses along with blouses, trousers, skirts,coats and tops. However, a couture designer is someone who creates a garment specifically tailored for a particular customer. We work with refined fabrics, and exquisite embellishments. The process is extremely labour intensive since the couture designer is involved with the inception of the design, sourcing the fabric, creating the pattern and then executing a carefully interlined, fitted to perfection garment.  A great deal of the work is done by hand.   These customized fashions are not available for mass production and variations of style are limited to one or two other garments.  They are exclusively designed garments that require a great deal of artistry in their execution. The creation of one these garment can take between 50 to 100 hours

Pearly Queen

This is the genre of my fashion business. I strive to create unique glamour dresses, coats, suits, tops and trousers for all women. When I work in this genre, I am inspired by my client, and the reason why she needs the special couture dress.

A dressmaker or seamstress is someone that works with someone else’s pattern or design.  This is where every designer starts and must master before we can strike out and create our own garments.


I do have a ready-to- wear line that is on my website that are exclusive designs.  These garments were not created for one specific person but there is only one of each design.  They only fall under the category of ready to wear since they are ready to wear and standard sizing is used!  You can buy the piece if your size is available but know these are exclusive one-off dresses and tops.  “What makes them exclusive one-offs is that no two styles are exactly the same and the fabrics are not reused for the same style.”I understand that not every women wants to commission a distinct design and this is a great alternative and  luxury that you cannot ignore for your next special occasion.

However you choose to engage my services, you will encounter the highest workmanship, originality of a unique design, and superb materials.  It is my goal that I create an experience for you, that you will always remember.