I have often been asked what inspires my designs.  I am not sure I have a simple answer for that question, but I will try to answer it.

Besides having a passionate need to express myself, I have a desire to create garments that pioneer a different aesthetic from the norm and are reinterpretations of designs from the past.  I wish to create garments that are comfortable, sexy and gorgeous.  I appreciate the fact that every other couture designer has probably professed similar desires.

I am influenced by both past and present designers.  If you follow my Facebook page, you have seen many of them.  Further, surrealist art and expressionist influences take shape in my work.  In my designs, you will see elements in unexpected juxtaposition and the use of fabrics and colours to add boldness.  You will note that I have incorporated Elizabethan-like collars along with kimono-style sleeves.

Culture and history are important to any designer, whether for the design of clothes or buildings.  I am no different, as I have a love for vintage clothing from the early nineteenth century to the present.  In my collection, you will see graphic prints on mini dresses inspired by ’60s fashion and formal suiting with strong, structured shoulders reminiscent of the ’30s and ’40s.  I also love Asian-inspired designs, and strong elements of it are evident throughout my collection.

Nature has taught me to mix textures like in a beautiful wild garden.  My designs are hand embellished with sequins, beads, leather, metallic threads and contrasting linings.

I pursue those moments when ideas flow effortlessly and creativity is a cherished companion.  I believe in and surrender to the creative process as it unfolds.  I let the fabric and colours speak to me as I create something that will have lasting value and a unique point of view for a garment.

I imagine the woman who will wear the garment.  Is she queen-like?  Is she more like a princess?  Is she an entrepreneur?  A scientist?  Will she dance in the garment?  Will she work in the garment?  Will she attend a red carpet event?  Who will see her?  Will it be her beloved?  An old boyfriend who dumped her thirty years ago and whom she is going to see at her high school reunion?

And so the process goes—an endless cycle of imagination, ideas and concepts that manifest as dresses, skirts, tops and pants that I know you will love because they are one-of-a-kind garments and exclusive, just for you.

You may purchase one of my inspired creations through my online store or contact me at 020 7732 7528 for a private consultation.

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