Young woman wearing braAs a couture designer, the overall fit is what makes a garment look fabulous, however in my experience, a poorly fitting bra can often be found to be the culprit if this happy medium is not forthcoming. For clothing to look optimum especially if you are buying one of my exclusive jersey fashions, it does you and your dress wonders to have a  properly fitted bra; it not only lifts your assets but your confidence also. Finding the right bra is not difficult; you just have to do a bit of homework first. Once you know the basics you can determine your correct size and decide what kind of style you want. Correct fit is the most important aspect of a bra, not just for comfort, but also for the best possible support and overall look. Styles and fabrics are important, too. These needs can differ with your body type, personality and dress.  So ladies, take her is some advice from this couture designer who has been happily dressing women for over 20 years, how to  have a proper bra.

Measurement and Fit

Many women wear the wrong size bra. Don’t just guess and don’t go by feel alone; spend a few minutes with the tape measure and you’ll find bra shopping and fitting much easier. Be sure to measure in the right places to guarantee the best fit:

Place a tape measure at the middle of your back and around the top of your bust. This your band width. Most stores carry bras with band widths from 30 to 40 inches around that have three different hook placements for wiggle room.

Next find your bust size by measuring around the fullest part of your bust (around the nipple) parallel to the ground. Bust size is accommodated through strap adjustment.

Determine your cup size by subtracting your band width from your bust size. The number difference between band and bust should range from 0 to 6 inches. This number than corresponds to the regulatory letter cup sizes (AA-DDD).

Band width – Bust size = Cup size
0 = AA
1 = A
2 = B
3 = C
4 = D
5 = DD
6 = DDD

Coverage style

There are different levels of coverage, from total to scant, depending on your body, personality and what you’re wearing.

Full coverage
Offers the most possible coverage and support; best for full-figured and/or busty women.
Provides half the coverage of a full; better for smaller, slender women.
Multi-wayThis style has movable straps that can be manipulated to accommodate asymmetrical or “complicated” tops and dresses; perfect for halter tops, racer backs and one-shoulder tops.
The push-up creates lift and cleavage when you want it; great for evening wear.
Features no under wire, for comfort with flexible, light support; best with blouses and sweaters.

Different bra fabrics behave differently under clothing. Some work better than others to complete your look. The rule of thumb is to match the bra material to the clothing material. A satiny bra, for example, will look more seamless and natural under a silk top than a cotton bra, which may cause the top fabric to cling and stick.
Works best under other cotton tops (T-shirts) and linen blouses.
Best with like tight and/or clingy dresses, tops and sweaters.
Blends (nylon, rayon, etc.)
Works well with most all clothing fabrics including jersey fabrics that I use.

Best for the bedroom; it often does disrupts the line of the clothing.

Whether you’re small, busty, perky or a little droopy, the right fitting bra is equally essential for all women. Ensuring the best bra fit will benefit you, both physically and psychologically! I hope you enjoy these tips to help you look and feel great.

Remember, I am happy to meet with you to design and create a wardrobe for your holidays or for that special occasion that you have this summer.