I love wearing scarves, did you know that scarves date back to ancient Egypt?  Well I didn’t however, I am not surprised, from what I have read they date back to 1300 BC, and were a status symbol denoting royalty and nobility, with Queen Nefertiti being the fashionista of the day with her own style, wearing scarves as part of her headdress.  Today scarves are still worn as part of a headdress!  However my conversation is about the long scarves we wear alongside clothing.

In my opinion you can never have too many scarves, they are a brilliant garment accessory. I have a wide and varied selection, in varying shapes, colours, textures and styles; some have been gifted, some I have made, and others I have purchased.

Described as, and I quote “a versatile accessory that adds sophistication to any outfit”

Health Benefits

It’s their versatility which fascinates me; they can even assist your health, ‘what…’? ‘How is that possible’ I hear you saying. OK, your throat and neck area, when a chill sweeps in, this is the first area on your body that is vulnerable when exposed to colder elements. I can hear my mum saying ‘make sure you wrap up well, and where’s your scarf’? Did you also know that from a mind/body/spiritual/energy perspective this area relates to the throat chakra, identified with the colour blue, communication, and how we express ourselves.

Whilst doing further research I also found from https://travelista.com “why you should wear a scarf in a plane”? A large wrap scarf keeps you warm during cold airplane flights” makes so much sense. How many times have you travelled only to wish you could find the person to turn off the coldest of air-conditioning on an already cold journey?

Another benefit of layering up with a scarf, you can keep warm with your body temperature, if you get too hot you can always loosen or take the scarf off, but if you don’t have one to start with, well…!

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves they are multifaceted, silk is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and one hundred percent silk is naturally hypoallergenic, good for your skin and contains amino acids which help moisture penetrate the skin. For such a lightweight fabric it is extremely durable, and look at the benefits!IMG 0011b


For some of you reading this what I am also about to say may feel to be a bit of a stretch. However, I have found that wearing certain coloured scarves does raise the vibration of my energy. Right now whilst writing, I am wearing a red and orange multicoloured and patterned scarf which is cosy, stylish and definitely protecting my throat – a health benefit.

Large Scarves

Larger scarves work brilliantly with jackets that you don’t want to button up, or don’t want to be buttoned, (a little style tip here) it adds an extra dimension to the style of the jacket and your outfit. Another example wearing a plain blouse or t-shirt, add a scarf, and suddenly it’s gone from plain to interesting.

Scarves for men

Men’s tailoring also benefits from this oh so subtle garment accessory, and they do not have to be traditional muted colours, I have a small collection of silk scarves on my website the colours of which are universal and unisex for that matter. It used to be that when going to the theatre a gentleman would don his silk scarf and top hat. Whilst the top hat may not carry the same appeal, scarves for men always will.Scarves variety of colours 34


I appreciate how a scarf adds the element of play when styling your look, you can tie it in a bow, have it chunky double wrapped around your neck, worn as a choker with tails hanging free, leave loose to fall between your jacket or coat closure.

Faux Fur – Infinity Scarves

London black faux fur side profile 1 rotatedThen there are the scarves that don’t tie, but have already done the work for you, this I have seen, and made in faux fur, some call them Infinity Scarves, or scarves with a twist, the technical sewing of which is quite ingenious as to the finished result. Now depending on the faux fur pile, (the depth and length of this man-made fibre), the faux fur can be a gargantuan of a scarf that takes the word glamour to another dimension; as modelled here by ‘Image Strategist’ London Forbes.



A plush shorter faux fur scarf says ‘I wear my glamour subtlety’, as worn by Donna Martin a Lifestyle Coach and featured writer in the book ‘The Awakened Warrior Toolkit’, what a great look – thanks Donna for sharing!Donna Martin wearing faux fur scarf by Coral Turner

Now do you see what I am saying!  A scarf, silk, faux fur, colourful, tasselled, or otherwise, is the accessory that keeps on giving, plus if you are ever stuck as to a gift for what to buy, provided you know the persons colour preferences, they will always be a welcome addition, my wardrobe can testify to that fact.

Have a look at the silk hand-woven scarves, and the faux fur scarves on my website, draw your own conclusion, the links to follow.



Cover image black faux fur scarf modelled by Lorena Nuñez.