What is Individual Style?

I like to call it ‘dressing individually on purpose’, sounds like a mouthful but for those of us who don’t conform to the dictates of fashion trends that’s exactly what we do.

Our ‘whys ‘are varied but equally it comes down to one thing, our ‘individuality’ its importance to us, our own unique style.

I believe there is uniqueness to all of us.  For me, clothes are our non verbal communication; yes I know I keep saying this, because it is true.  How many of us have made assumptions about an individual based on how they were dressed?

If how we dress is of no relevance then it wouldn’t matter how you turned up for an interview, first date, night out, so the list goes on, or would it?  Tell the truth, yes it is relevant and you know it.  That rush you get, when for a planned event, you know you want to stand out, look sharp, and adorn your body so that you feel extra special.

What’s even more exciting is when you know that what you are wearing is exclusive to you; no-one else is going to be wearing what you are wearing.  In your mind you are rocking that red carpet, that’s how I would feel when I have made garments for myself.  The desire for me to work this way, stemmed from having experienced that awful sinking feeling of seeing and being in the presence of someone else wearing exactly what I am wearing.

That pull to dress apart from the following crowd, I feel goes beyond a desire to just stand out, because let’s face it, that’s a given; for me it’s definitely about celebrating how I present myself to the world visually, and how I want to feel internally.

Yes the way we dress, how we show up, beyond the visual aesthetics of one’s outward appearance, these aspects they play their part.  However, there is also the inner work taking place on the psyche, the cycle of success or optimism, which says: look good – feel good – project positively – receive positive responses.

Whether complimented or not for the transformation that is you, what is truly important is that you know ‘you look good’, in fact better than good, ‘you look great’, yes, let’s use those words to describe ourselves.

I heard a phrase recently on a radio show, the person said, “if you find yourself saying, that will do; then clearly it will not do”… that my friends, I feels applies not only to what you wear, but life in general.


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