Pearly Queen


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Devoré fabric undergoes a process to create a semi-transparent pattern and is often in velvet. However, whilst this fabric has the look of devoré, it is two weaves of knitted fabric, one with more density than the other. Take a closer look at the swirls within the pattern: the fine net brings to life the swirl pattern.

This is an elegant knit, which is why the design needed to be subtle, striking the right balance with style, comfort and wearing; this is a top to raise the temperature, it makes you want to party, dance the night away.
The drape of the fabric lends itself beautifully to a cowl neckline, and it’s sleeveless. The pièce de resistance has to be the pearl lace-edged finish. The pearls with their tiny seed beads and fine lace detail were one of those design purchases I did not know at the time how I was going to incorporate into a design, but I knew I would gently kick myself if I didn’t purchase them, and I am so glad I did.

When these two elements were placed together on the hemline they looked to have been made for each other; the diamanté detail of the lace reaches each point of the large pearls with smaller seed pearls, and I love the way it shows off skin but not too much; in this case less is definitely more. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Cotton devore and glass beading
Size: 10/12
Loving care: Dry clean
Handmade in London, UK