Purple Lady


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Again, one of my rare finds, an unusual abstract print from a fabric store in Berwick Street W1 (sadly this fabric boutique has now gone, making way for yet another block of flats. Don’t get me started!) Anyway… I loved the weight of the weave, the pattern of red circles set on a grey background with purple and white artistic waves diluted into the mix. When you run your hands over the fabric it’s so soft, all very sensual – which is why I thought it would make up beautifully for part of the bodice and skirt.

Contrasted with a supple cotton jersey which acquaints itself with the purple artistry in the main fabric, I liked how they complemented each other. That said, I also felt something was missing, a bit of pizzazz, the unexpected; this is where digging through my treasure trove yields results. I came across beads and sequins that were subtle and yet part of her story. You see the wearer of this dress Purple Lady: her attributes speak of no nonsense, a quiet confidence, with a wave of her hand the kimono sleeve gestures for you to come closer into her domain. The word ‘sophistication’ is described as 1) experienced in matters of culture or fashion; and 2) highly developed and complex. We’ll take both of them, thank you very much. The only-one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Cotton Jersey and Acrylic
Size: 10/12
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK