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I learned from my Italian friend that the term ‘rosetta’ means little roses, which is very appropriate for the roses within the print of this dress. There’s a depth to the red in this dress as it intermingles with a black background. When introducing the black stretch velvet I wanted to play with contrasts and illusion, as the black velvet slides underneath the red basque from the shrug bodice sleeved top.

The conversation around this dress is one of quality and elegance. The sleeves purposely flow ever so slightly beyond the natural wrist with soft flare at the sleeve hem, and the dress is lined in a fine stretch mesh for additional support.

When I look at the finished design of Rosetta, one of the places I picture her is at Lady’s Day at the Races. I could see her with an unusual ornate black hat, perhaps in velvet, but then I am not a milliner so I don’t know how well velvet would work for a large hat. It’s the richness of the black contrast making a stand-out appearance that I would love. I also envisioned her being worn by a guest at a wedding; her versatility is timeless. The only-one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Viscose and elestane, stretch velvet.
Size: 10/12
Loving care: Dry clean
Handmade in London, UK