What is going on people… has everyone suddenly become a sports fanatic, are leggings now the substitute for all forms of dressing, and dressing up?

There was a time when leggings and trainers were worn because you were going to the gym, jogging, walking, cycling, that arena.

Now I’m seeing leggings and faux fur coats, whilst I am all for the faux fur, leggings and faux fur coats/jackets are you serious?

Has your wardrobe been hijacked by leggings? The not so subtle transition from trousers to jeans, to shorts, and now stretch leggings without a gym membership in sight, has me raising a quizzical eyebrow.

But leggings are ‘so comfortable’ says the crowd  trying to convince me that this casual way of dressing is so chic, and yes I am putting my neck on the block by saying ‘sorry darlings chic is not the word I would use’.

“Well I can wear what I want”, of course you can, but have you also heard the expression ‘there is a time and a place’!

OK, let’s get some visualisation going, Scene One: you are going to a dinner party, in your wardrobe hangs a jersey dress worn just below the knee; this dress clings in all your right places. Or if you prefer, the tailored trousers that you wear with a shirt/blouse either tucked in with a smart belt nipped at the waist, or worn over trousers with lots or a little jewellery.

Now move onto, Scene Two: you are going to a dinner party, in your wardrobe are the black leggings that have now become your wardrobe staple, funny enough they bear a striking resemblance to the leggings you are currently wearing, however the leggings in your wardrobe are brand new!  You team up these leggings with a fabulous top you’ve wanted to show off, and trainers, added to which is the quilted jacket, because it’s freezing outside.  Whilst it’s not quite Dinner Date and 3 chosen menus, which outfit would you want to see again?

What has happened to dressing up, making an occasion out of it, the gasp as you remove your coat, quilted or otherwise, when someone says ‘oh you look nice’…  Or more importantly whether it is said or not, you know you have the situation under control, because you look better than nice!

I see a sea of leggings out there, in varying colours where once they were deemed sportswear, then casual wear, they are now everywhere worn anywhere, I’m just saying…