As some of us get ready to emerge from our cocoon of dressing above the keyboard with funky fashionable tops/shirts, hidden pyjamas bottoms and fluffy slippers; will your wardrobe choices be that which is fashionable, or that which is stylish?

What’s the difference?

I believe that fashion is what is considered by the masses to be on trend; the latest of the latest must have, with everything else in your wardrobe being so last season – ouch!  Style on the other hand, I believe is personal, timeless, often underrated, and definitely understated.

And yet ‘style’ the signature of the individual made reference to with terminologies such eclectic, subtle, unique to outrageous.  The dapper gentleman with his buttoned shirt, brightly coloured breast pocket handkerchief, and striped socks, to the woman wearing her bold printed or block coloured dress, decorated with a broach,  or a multitude of string necklaces, a shawl casually thrown over her shoulder, or even a cape to complete her look – are you able to see the vision?  Already these are memorable individuals.

Floral shirts, paisley prints, animal prints to name a few, all have the ability to cross over into either and all genders, gone are the demarcation lines of prints only for a particular sex or gender.  We all get to, ‘dress up’, isn’t that what style is about, dressing up?

When do we take the time to reinvent ourselves; are we waiting for permission from the fashionable establishment, whose focus isn’t style but fashion?

During this period of extensive lockdown, I have been meeting the most incredible people online, from personal stylists, and image consultants, to mums and dads home screaming, sorry I meant home schooling, to entrepreneurs reinventing their businesses.

Dressed smart casual, casual, chic, professional, what made each person stand out, was their idea of style.  I found that in some instances, people were taking out of their wardrobes, items normally saved for special occasions, however not being able to go anywhere, it was it wear now, (I’m not necessarily talking ballgowns here, but who knows)!  Retro men’s striped tops a style of the 60’s, bold and bright upturned shirt collars, blouses with flowing sleeves, all set against backdrops of living rooms and homemade offices.  The other thing I noticed is how relaxed these people were, in their own style of uniqueness.

As I think about my own style personal and business, bright bold colours, to wild outrageous prints it makes me smile, I am not defined by anyone’s vision of me except my own.  Clothes its powerful non verbal language of communication, is really talking about style.  How you define yourself through what you wear, and how you wear it.  It’s incredibly liberating stepping into your own look, finding garment pieces that speak your language and compliment your body.  Yes you can definitely take pieces from fashion because you like it, to create your style, not because it’s on trend, or the latest, latest, and that to me is the difference between ‘fashion and style’.

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