Red and black wool mix velvet jacket.


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Whilst this red and black wool jacket is available for purchase it is a design that is made-to-order for future reference.

As with all my couture work fit style and detail are my priorities, the best version of you is at the forefront of my mind. The main focus for you from me when designing/making couture ready-to-wear, are dresses and tops.

I am passionate about sharing with you the opportunity to purchase ready-to-wear garments - providing she’s your size that are the only one I have made in that particular fabric.

Tailored jackets fall more into the category of bespoke, or in this case made-to-order, the exception to this rule is the Dolman Wool Jacket ‘Queenie’ made in red wool and cotton velvet. You see I have a couple of these jackets and I find them so comfortable and chic to wear, I had to share.

The red and black spoke to me of regal dressing of the late Queens Guards, now before you go getting on your high-horse I am talking about this purely from the viewpoint of a design idea not the politics.

Let’s look at the front of the jacket its main colour vibrant red, set to a back-drop of deep rich black cotton velvet, black velvet piping, gold dome shaped buttons, welt pockets she’s also collarless (which is for a reason).

The Dolman sleeves feature black velvet gussets a detail I have used previously on tops called Lady Boss and Lady Boss Blue, a pattern technique which serves a purpose. The sleeves are slimming from the elbow to wrist with invisible zips inserted.

Turning to the back of the jacket, I based the theme on a Japanese painting where the rivers all flowed to a house as it central theme, however in this case I think of it as a mini- glamorous rucksack, with an embroidered emblem a crown saluting the regality of Queendom in you!

Why collarless? This wool jacket looks fabulous with or without scarves in-keeping with its sophistication, also when styled with a black single feathered hat, faux leather trousers, and clutch bag, I had to salute. The only one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: 80% wool, 20% nylon, black cotton velvet, faux vinyl leather, silk lining
Size: 12
Loving care: Dry clean
Made by hand in London, UK