Semi formal dress


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Ah ma chérie, the city that celebrates couture, fine sewing, craftsmanship and a wonderful crème brûlée. There was no way I was leaving the city without buying fabric, of course after I had eaten desert! My sister and I found a tiny boutique, with an eclectic array of fabrics, fine lace, buttons, haberdashery galore. My idea of heaven, but where do I look first?

I felt like a detective, looking for clues as I eyed up the various fabric rolls – all beautiful – then I spotted her, trying to hide in the corner. She was my kind of fabric: a textured graphic printed weave, a multitude of varying hues that complemented each other. The detective in me didn’t have a clue as to what garment she would be transformed into, that I would figure out back at my studio.

Draping her on the mannequin, I realised the abstract artistry needed to be worn and shown in its entirety. It felt like an unusual painting, and so a column dress, semi-fitted, would fill many criteria. This kind of quality dress provides comfort, shape and fit, and creates the illusion of a waistline, skimming over the tummy area, allowing for relaxation (especially if you’ve just eaten a crème brûlée desert)!

A banded hemline adds to the silhouette shape, drawing the eye up and down. The collar detail provided me with the opportunity to play with the texture of the fabric. I love that when I added shirring to the fabric, the gathered, raised knobbly effect created another dynamic. Also, the collar framing the face and standing slightly proud at the centre back has an air of regality. The long drop sleeves have their own detailing with a slight overlay.

There is however a part of this dress that I cannot take credit for. It’s the mustard round detail that sits below the waist asymmetrically and in my opinion looks to be a large button. The artist’s abstract elements within the drawing of this dress create another 3-D element, the positioning of what I see as a mustard-coloured button is a perfect finishing touch.

I named her Paris because of my experience whilst being there. I also consider her to be your go-to dress. You know the dress that you can always rely on, you’re going to meet up with friends you haven’t seen in awhile and you want to show them how good you look. Or you are attending an event and want to create a lasting impression – a good one! Paris will take you to the dizzying heights of the Eiffel tower, which is exactly what she is supposed to do, ma chérie. The only-one-of-a-kind.

Fabric: Polyester and mesh lining
Size: 10/12
Loving care: Dry clean
Handmade in London, UK