Couture Designer Coral Turner

Coral Turner Couture Designer

A Unique Way to dress

Once upon a time there was a woman who possessed a magical mirror.  When she looked into this mirror, she saw herself as she was meant to be: unique, different, empowered.

However, when she looked away from the mirror, she could hear a crowd yelling, “Same is safe! Be the same as us!”

When she looked back into the mirror, the face she saw smiled at her and said, “Be fearless, embrace your individuality.”  She smiled back at the face and realised she no longer needed the magical mirror, for it had served its purpose: she recognised her own reflection.

Suddenly she felt power rise within her, a surge of energy in the pit of her stomach, feelings she could no longer suppress – the voices from the crowd of sameness were drowned out, the fearless, unique individual she was born to be would no longer be denied… that woman is YOU.

You can either shop online or visit my London studio by appointment to try on dresses or tops beforehand, plus there’s more to see.  Telephone 044 207 732 7528 I will set up a date for you to pop over to my little atelier, alternatively I also provide a couture dressmaking service.  

(If I am not available to take your call its because I am working, leave a message and I will call you back as soon as is possible).