Couture Designer Coral Turner

Coral Turner Couture Designer

A Unique Way to dress

I find it interesting the things that inspire people to ‘take the road less travelled’, especially for the industry I am in; statements such as, ‘its not easy to make your mark in fashion’, ‘oh you’re into fashion, that must be a difficult business to navigate?!  That being said, I feel we all have ‘our calling’, and no-one said answering that call would be easy.

I could talk about the couture sewing/designer/pattern cutting, expert in me, with over 40 years experience.  A hobby that grew and grew, whilst I freelanced in various roles as a PA, Office Manager, Business Advisor to behind the scenes in television.  Little did I know, all these roles would provide me with invaluable experience for my own entrepreneurial venture, when I answered ‘that call’.

Or, I could talk about my love of fabrics, bold prints and textures, these fabrics often in short supply, (which is how I like it), mindful of sustainability, the comfort I want you to feel  when you wear a Coral Turner Couture garment against your skin.  The bold print that makes you stand out; the cut of the dress that flatters your silhouette.

Yes, they are all part of my ‘story’ however at the core of my, why I do what I do, is my desire to transform women through the way we dress.  What we wear, the non-verbal communication, we present to ourselves first, (the world can come later) is so important; please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not the fashion police.  I just happen to know that, when we wear garments that suit our personality, we walk a little bit taller, and our confidence shines through.  My mission is for women to see themselves as they are meant to be: unique, different, empowered.  In a world of #hashtags, and the latest, latest, latest trend we can sometimes feel lost in that space called ‘fashion’.  And… what’s with all this, having to look the same as everyone else, in order to fit in!

It’s with these thoughts in mind, that I decided to approach my fashion business as being age irrelevant, and to specialise in, creating a niche boutique; where all the ready-to-wear garments online are the only one, the video below ‘How A Coat Launched My Couture Sewing Business’  explains my pain, and transformation!  There’s a story behind each ready-to-wear dress or top, I’m looking forward to YOU being a part of their story.

In addition to the ready-to-wear collections of dresses and tops, there is also the option for bespoke garments.

You can either shop online or visit my London studio by appointment to try on dresses or tops beforehand, plus there’s more to see.  Telephone +44 7895 334577 I will set up a date for you to pop over to my little atelier, alternatively I also provide a couture dressmaking service.  

(If I am not available to take your call its because I am working, leave a message and I will call you back as soon as is possible).