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The power of clothing

Thames Side Studios Coral Turner

Let’s start with a home truth, ‘clothes matter’.  There is power in clothing; what we wear has the unique ability to transform not only our body shape, but also our personality.

For me this apparently simple aspect is what makes clothing fascinating.



Think about it this way, wearing a top for example in a particular colour, that you feel suits your personality can lift your mood.  The cut of a suit can transform your physique, the silhouette of a dress with vertical stripes can make you appear taller, the list goes on.

I’ve been sewing from an early age, or more to the point, when my mum thought is was okay for me to be trusted with needles, pins and scissors!  Designing clothes has always been a humbling experience to me, seeing an idea come to life, turning my thoughts into a pattern from which to work; testing this theory in fabric.  The question at the forefront of my mind is, will it work, will it fit, how will it fit, does it suit me, is this my vision?  Then there is technique, putting it all together, the artisan craft of couture sewing, a skill that is sadly being disregarded as opposed to being passed on, but that’s for another conversation…

Couture ready-to wear

This concept came from my desire to share with other women, garments that are distinctively different, made in unusual fabrics and prints; designs that talk to body-shapes and our changing bodies over time. Speaking of time, there also has to be a timelessness to the style and design, sustainability is not a buzz word in my book, but part of a lifestyle.  Garments that have been hours, days and weeks in the making, each individually handmade, speak of quality, craftmanship and technique.  Cream fitted jersey top

As women we are not all the same, be it mindset, culturally, lifestyles, but what we do have in common is a desire to be the best ‘beautiful version’ of ourselves, and rightly so.  Equally, I am thrilled that finally we are waking up to the fact that we will not be defined by societies dictates as to our age, or how we ‘should’ look.  I am interested in the woman for whom invisibility is not an option, age is irrelevant, and the opinions of others are just that, opinions of others.

My London studio has a variety of ready-to-wear couture finished, dresses, tops, and tailored garments for purchase, either at Thames Side Studios East Greenwich where I am based, or online through the website http://coralturner.com.

To talk further telephone +44 07895 334577 or email info@coralturner.com, I will set up a date for us to meet at my atelier where you can view the varied collection of garments by appointment only.

The dresses and tops purchased online are sent to you in garment boxes, by courier tracked and traced.

When calling if I am not available to take your call it’s because I am either knee deep in fabric, pattern cutting, sewing,  designing patterns or all of the above, (its the life of sole trader); leave a message and I will call you back, as soon as is possible.

In the meantime take great care of yourself.