Race Day Dresses

Dress Codes for the Racecourse

Race Day Dresses or should I say ‘Race Day Fashion’ is sartorial elegance at the racecourse.  The racing venue determines the ‘appropriate dress code’ for example Royal Ascot has 4 Enclosures varying in fashion dictate from strict traditional in the Royal Enclosure, to quirky designer dresses in the Village Enclosure with its outdoor setting.  However a practice that rings true for all racing events and race day outfits, is to be dressed as befits the occasion.

Beautiful Race Day Outfit and Dress

“How do you navigate through race day fashion trends of what is and is not appropriate?”

Royal Ascot has 4 Enclosures as follows: Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure, Village Enclosure, and the Windsor Enclosure.  Ascot is steeped in tradition, gentlemen are required to wear socks, for the ladies attending the Royal Enclosure an ‘appropriate neckline’ has to be adhered to, a ‘one shoulder neckline would not be considered to be appropriate’.  The same applies to dress and skirt lengths, which need to be of a modest length, just above the knee or longer.

Hats or a headpiece must be worn at all times in the Royal Enclosure if choosing to wear a headpiece it needs to have a base of 4 inches or more in diameter (10 cms).  Formal Daywear is the overall description for attending this particular enclosure.  Click on the link for more information https://www.ascot.co.uk/what-to-wear.

Moving further afield to racing at Goodwood which has 3 Enclosures: Richmond, Gordon and Lennox, appropriate dressing as befits the occasion still applies, as each enclosure dictates their form of dress.  For example the Richmond Enclosure requires that gentlemen wear a jacket and tie or cravat, linen suits are popular for the gents.  Tea Dresses are popular with the ladies, as are structured fitted dresses.  I would describe dressing for these events as ‘informal elegance’, think of it as a subtle fashion catwalk for race day outfits, an opportunity to be a tad more fashion experimental.

A definitive no-no for either of these racecourses are jeans, trainers, shorts and fancy dress! There is still room for fashion trends however, with trousers and jumpsuits now being permitted, again do check for the ‘Enclosure’ you are attending.

Overall a day at the races is an opportunity to dress up, its a special occasion, with an invigorating social atmosphere whilst enjoying a ‘flutter’ on the horses.  Eclipse magazine is an online magazine dedicated to the ‘social side of horse racing’ providing you with insights from Race Day Fashion to forthcoming racing events, for more information https://eclipsemagazine.co.uk/.