Coral Turner Couture Designer

Quirky designer dresses

Growing up I was one of those children who would ask ‘why’, as to life’s so called  rules?  When it came to what to wear and my wardrobe, big WHY questions would be the norm of conversation; why do I have to dress the same as everyone else, why can’t I mix and match colours, why does this dress make my legs look like sticks, and why is this scratchy netting in layers, and so the list went on…

Thank goodness for the little fabric shops (which are sadly few and far between nowadays).  I would be drawn to the most unusual of fabrics be it print or texture.  I became an avid collector of fabrics, the same way people collect fine art, the difference being quirky designer dresses would be at the forefront of my wardrobe,  experimentation was the order of the day.  “Being the same as everyone else, that was never going to work for me, what better way to express your individuality than through your clothes”?

Fashion history clearly demonstrates that dressing lavishly or distinctly draws attention, there are two things that will make you stand out from the crowd, one is how you are dressed, and the other is being naked;  if  you don’t believe me, then read the story of ‘The Emperors New Clothes’!

The other scenario that reinforced this case, in particular why dresses are important, I was made acutely aware of;  two women turn up to an event, totally oblivious of each other, only to discover that ‘this other woman’ has the audacity to be wearing the same dress you have chosen to wear, now that can be mortifying!!  When it happened to me ‘I was not amused’!

The fast lane of fashion trends do not hold my interest; I like fashion with a conscious and purpose, why can’t I produce a ready-to-wear collection of dresses that are unique, appeals to an audience of like-minded women? Women, for whom dressing the same as everyone else is just not an option, affordable designer dresses made in distinctive fabrics.  The caveat being, that because some of the fabrics I have purchased and placed in my ‘collectors stash’ are limited in yardage, they become one-of-a-kind dresses, or stand-alone statement pieces; however, where there is fabric remaining, a top which is a great wardrobe staple is made. Therefore for my ladies, also available are mini capsule collections, and once they are sold that’s it.  ‘Timeless couture designer clothes’ as a result of the fabric used,  the cut of the cloth, design detail, finished with couture sewing techniques, you now have sustainable and ethical fashion.

You no longer need to be concerned about attending an event seeing ‘the other woman’ wearing your dress, each handmade dress that you place in your shopping basket, is the only one made in that particular fabric.  You can do what you intended to do, make that presentation to an audience of your peers, give that rousing speech, cruise ship dressing sorted, party away as you attend that wedding, as for ladies day at the races, I’ve got you covered, and so the list goes on…

Your label says ‘Coral Turner Exclusive Originals’, my garments will always be a collection of small intimate statement dresses and tops; I am proud that they are each individually handmade by me in London England, and can be shipped as far afield as Australia! Couture sewing is an art, for which I have a deep gratitude and humble respect; I’m happy and honoured to be sharing this experience with you.

Our clothes speak their own language, its one of the best ways I know to transform your personality, these quirky designer dresses, in bold fabric prints, celebrate their uniqueness, just like the women I had in mind as each piece was created.

You can either shop online or visit my London studio by appointment to try on the dresses beforehand, plus there’s more to see.  Telephone 044 207 732 7528 I will set up a date for you to pop over to my little atelier, alternatively I also provide couture dressmaking, click on the link for more information coralturner.com/couture-dressmaking/ .

(If I am not available to take your call its because I am working, leave a message and I will call you back as soon as is possible).