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Blue paisley top

Madame Butterfly

Paisley patterns have a timeless design elegance and this one is no exception.  I decided to name her ‘Madame Butterfly’, inspired by the beautiful costumes from the opera Madame Butterfly.  A paisley top with her own added drama for the design,   long tailed dropped sleeves, a mini Kimono styled theme.  The sky blue crinkled jersey fabric is wonderful because there is no need to press her, you just need to wear her.  The ruched neckline is finished with silk velvet turquoise ribbon (I did say drama), this bold ‘in your face’ paisley top, celebrates being different, her one-of-a-kind status.

Can you imagine her with white flared trousers, or shorts if taking her on holiday, then there is an evening out, tops such as these are all about standing out, being different.  Now here’s the added bonus, if you don’t want to leave the sleeve tails hanging, they can be tied either front or back, adding another element of design to this style.


Fabric: Crinkle polyester

Loving Care: Dry Clean

Size: 12/14