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Black Roses

Devore is a burnt out fabric which brings to the surface a pattern, zoom in for more detail you will see ‘Black Roses‘, thus her name.  This black velvet jersey dress is a swing dress, with a waterfall hem; these hemlines are so flattering as the fabric cascades down the side of your leg.  The silhouette of your body shape is nipped in at waist, creating the illusion of a waistline, however as there is no waistline the dress floats over the tummy area and hips, (these are really comfortable dresses to wear I have a couple of them).  Neckline, a large roll collar to add volume and lift the dress, however, when viewed from the back the collar theme is more like a scarf, weighted with a single button gilt flower button, continuing the floral theme.

Drop shoulder, discreet for the top of the arms, she’s a timeless cocktail dress; I did see some lace fabric boots which I thought would look fabulous, but then you could have the same effect with tights.  The length of the dress works with a mini jacket or faux fur gilet.  An ‘Exclusive Originals’ label, the only one made in this velvet jersey fabric.


Fabric content: Devore rayon and polyester (all breathable)

Loving care: Dry Clean

To fit: Size 10/12 finished length 33″