abstract print jersey dress

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  • Cher

    Glamour - Elegant Dresses

    Cher‘ the name of this dress is a play on words, one for my admiration of the singer Cher, and two because its talks of the boldness of this dress and I guess it’s personality.  It’s interesting when you wear something that is contrasting in colours, it talks about a personality not needing to be defined, the vibrant orange background of the shrug top part of the dress, it sets you apart.

    This dress is all about the contours of your body, the way a dress should hug and support you, without restriction.  You have that in this dress, the brown tiered jersey maxi skirt which also has a basque/corset style fit in the waist and above the tummy area, because of the stretch and recovery of this fabric, it is so comfortable to wear.  I wear a style of this dress, I love the way it makes me more aware of my posture, making me stand taller; with heels she is a darling.

    Now for the couture detailing,  you have this gorgeous lettuce hem edging creating several tiers, so it looks all ruched a the hem.  Zoom over towards the finished hemline of this maxi dress.  Definitely a day to evening dress for many of occasions, “for some reason I see the person wearing this dress signing her books at a book convention, whoever you are congratulations”!  An ‘Exclusive Originals’ label, only one made in this fabric, a stand-alone piece.


  • Textured Jersey Dress


    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    On a trip to Paris I came across a little fabric boutique, this textured jersey dress was the result from my fabric purchase thus the name ‘Paris‘; I was drawn to the raised textured pattern and its feel.  This ready- to-wear column shaped jersey dress is wonderful for all figure types, gently clings in all the right places, has a lovely stretch, she is what I would call a ‘go to dress’ day or evening.

    Playing with the textured fabric allowed me to create a ruffled collar, think of a garland of soft petals caressing your neck, looks wonderful with a revere collared jacket, as if you have a scarf peeking out. The abstract art print is also part of her charm, that’s the beauty of finding fabrics that are limited in supply, it adds to the unique style when made up.  Take a closer look you will see the mustard flower looks like a large button.  The dress is fully lined for luxury, comfort and structure, long sleeves formed from a drop shoulder.  Accessorise with boots or heels, if you prefer not to wear a jacket or coat, how about a gilet?  This dress would look great at a horse racing event.  An ‘Exclusive Original’ label, the only one made in this textured jersey fabric.

  • Truly Blue Jersey Swing Dress

    Truly Blue

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    Truly Blue‘ just like you, what can I say, the title rhymed! This is not an ordinary blue swing jersey dress, take a look at the fabric, there’s a lot of fun with this dress, the cotton jersey print which an eclectic group of images in magazine format.  A print featuring big bold sunglasses, shoes, beauty, it says it all.  Also known as ‘Miami Heat Jersey Dress’ – what?  On account of an American gentleman who said to me “Coral I see that sassy blue dress of yours on the hot ladies of Miami”  I gently reminded him that England has ‘hot’ ladies too despite the weather!

    Details the cowl neck jersey mini dress, handkerchief hem finish (a wonderful hemline to show off your legs) added interest created with the herringbone stitched hem.  Turn her around, you will be wearing a deep ‘v-neck’ supported with a gilt buckle so you can wear her on one shoulder.

    I class this as one of your ‘go to dresses’ timeless and ageless, can be worn for a variety of occasions, no restrictions in the waist or hips, she glides over your body.  An ‘Exclusive Original’ label, the only one made in this jersey fabric, a stand alone statement piece.