Imagination - Captivating Dresses

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  • Black Roses

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    Devore is a burnt out fabric which brings to the surface a pattern, zoom in for more detail you will see ‘Black Roses‘, thus her name.  This black velvet jersey dress is a swing dress, with a waterfall hem; these hemlines are so flattering as the fabric cascades down the side of your leg.  The silhouette of your body shape is nipped in at waist, creating the illusion of a waistline, however as there is no waistline the dress floats over the tummy area and hips, (these are really comfortable dresses to wear I have a couple of them).  Neckline, a large roll collar to add volume and lift the dress, however, when viewed from the back the collar theme is more like a scarf, weighted with a single button gilt flower button, continuing the floral theme.

    Drop shoulder, discreet for the top of the arms, she’s a timeless cocktail dress; I did see some lace fabric boots which I thought would look fabulous, but then you could have the same effect with tights.  The length of the dress works with a mini jacket or faux fur gilet.  An ‘Exclusive Originals’ label, the only one made in this velvet jersey fabric.

  • Crushed Cream and Flowers

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    The perfect Tea Party Dress is called ‘Crushed Cream and Flowers‘ luxury that’s comfortable, coupled with sophistication is what you will feel when wearing this dress.

    I also think of her as a dress that can be an ‘alternative wedding dress’ especially if having a wedding on beach.  This particular style of a floral jersey dress looks good on hourglass figures, it plays with your curves.  Crushed Cream and Flowers a jersey swing dress by combining two different textured jersey fabrics was such a treat, the overlay of the dress is a floral print, the sheer fabric with its variety of coloured flowers in bloom captures the light making her quite ethereal.

    The crushed cream jersey fabric, the under-lay, serves three purposes, one your modesty and two it lifts the flowers, and finally the fact that its crushed gives another dimension to this dress, and did I mention that the fabric is so soft, well she is. At the hem I came up with a technique that looks as though you have tiny little flowers sashaying across your legs creating a lettuce edge effect.

    A roll neck collar also in cream jersey to create a contrast, and drop shoulder creating a sleeve cap.  I like working with the silhouette that a jersey swing dress creates as she compliments a variety of body-shapes.  If you decide to have this dress as an alternative wedding dress,  you will still be able to wear her many times afterwards for other occasions; with each wear you capture the memory of that ‘special day’, alternatively you could wear Crushed Cream and Flowers as a dress to wear to a Tea Party!  An ‘Exclusive Original’ label the only one made in this fabric, a stand-alone piece.


  • Jersey Swing Dress | Floral Print Dress

    Floral Infusion

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    A jersey swing dress set on an autumnal background foliage of green, browns and blue, a print which lends itself to a hand-painting with splashes of colour, a depiction of nature unrestrained, a beautiful floral dress, naming her ‘Floral Infusion‘.

    As with the majority of my fabric stash there wasn’t a lot of this fabric available, so it was imperative that the design have maximum impact and simplicity. This swing dress depending on your height could either be a mini, or if like me at 5ft 2″ she rests just above the knee.  The beauty of this style of swing dress is the illusion of a waistline without the restriction, she nips in at the side seams, glides over the tummy area and hips and is really comfortable to wear.

    This particular dress travels well, doesn’t crease if worn on a long flight.  I like that you can wear this style of dress with heels or Cowboy boots because of the waterfall hemline, she’s a ‘Rock Chick’ style kinda gal.  Have a look at, what a great match!  An ‘Exclusive Originals’ label part of a capsule collection, Floral Infusion swing dress is the only one made in this jersey fabric.

  • Beaded Mesh Cocktail Dress | Jersey Dress

    Flower Power

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    ‘Flower Power’ is a beaded mesh cocktail dress and mid-length.  A voluminous jersey swing dress, fully lined; backdrop of large white printed flowers, the stigma of each contains a cluster of hand-sewn glass beads varying in size and colour, I used the floral print as my canvas.

    The mesh hem detailing is in-keeping with the waterfall hem, breaking up the look of the main dress by adding an extra layer of interest; I like the way you can see through to your legs, but at the same time, discreet modesty, a dress I feel is best worn with heels for added interest, especially if sparkly.

    The swing of this dress makes her very comfortable to wear, she glides over the body creating a silhouette from waist to hips.  Drop shoulder covering the top of your arms, leaving the wrist free for bracelets and bangles, the stand collar has depth for a statement piece of jewellery.  An ‘Exclusive Originals’ label, the only one made in this jersey fabric a stand alone statement piece.

  • Textured Jersey Dress


    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    On a trip to Paris I came across a little fabric boutique, this textured jersey dress was the result from my fabric purchase thus the name ‘Paris‘; I was drawn to the raised textured pattern and its feel.  This ready- to-wear column shaped jersey dress is wonderful for all figure types, gently clings in all the right places, has a lovely stretch, she is what I would call a ‘go to dress’ day or evening.

    Playing with the textured fabric allowed me to create a ruffled collar, think of a garland of soft petals caressing your neck, looks wonderful with a revere collared jacket, as if you have a scarf peeking out. The abstract art print is also part of her charm, that’s the beauty of finding fabrics that are limited in supply, it adds to the unique style when made up.  Take a closer look you will see the mustard flower looks like a large button.  The dress is fully lined for luxury, comfort and structure, long sleeves formed from a drop shoulder.  Accessorise with boots or heels, if you prefer not to wear a jacket or coat, how about a gilet?  This dress would look great at a horse racing event.  An ‘Exclusive Original’ label, the only one made in this textured jersey fabric.

  • Jersey tie neck dress

    Russian Doll

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    This design is all about ‘high glamour’ the jersey tie neck dress which can tied as a pussy bow, or leave free to hang as a scarf, has glass turquoise beads as part of the hand-finished edging.  The fabric print has ‘Russian Nesting Dolls’ a classic Russian gift, thus her name ‘Russian Doll‘. Set on a denim background to a paisley print there’s an unusual tapestry weaved into the mix with gold flecks and a bloom of blue flowers.


    Dropped capped sleeves with blue flower buttons,  she opens on the shoulder seam; moving down the dress a daring yet elegant thigh high split on one side only, a couture interior finish with silk binding.  I imagined this dress to be worn by a James Bond female adversary, she’s powerful, sexy, can fight her corner yet is totally charming! Make your own red carpet entrance, there is also a  that would drape beautifully as a shawl.  Russian Doll is an ‘Exclusive Originals’ label the only dress made in this fabric, a stand alone statement piece.

  • Truly Blue Jersey Swing Dress

    Truly Blue

    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    Truly Blue‘ just like you, what can I say, the title rhymed! This is not an ordinary blue swing jersey dress, take a look at the fabric, there’s a lot of fun with this dress, the cotton jersey print which an eclectic group of images in magazine format.  A print featuring big bold sunglasses, shoes, beauty, it says it all.  Also known as ‘Miami Heat Jersey Dress’ – what?  On account of an American gentleman who said to me “Coral I see that sassy blue dress of yours on the hot ladies of Miami”  I gently reminded him that England has ‘hot’ ladies too despite the weather!

    Details the cowl neck jersey mini dress, handkerchief hem finish (a wonderful hemline to show off your legs) added interest created with the herringbone stitched hem.  Turn her around, you will be wearing a deep ‘v-neck’ supported with a gilt buckle so you can wear her on one shoulder.

    I class this as one of your ‘go to dresses’ timeless and ageless, can be worn for a variety of occasions, no restrictions in the waist or hips, she glides over your body.  An ‘Exclusive Original’ label, the only one made in this jersey fabric, a stand alone statement piece.

  • Little Black Dress | LBD Cocktail Dress


    Imagination - Captivating Dresses

    A black jersey cocktail dress with long sleeves, also known as ‘the little black dress or LBD’ named ‘Velvet‘.  This is a cute and sexy dress, which is brought to life because of the unusual black jersey fabric.  The jersey fabric has a knobbly texture that forms the diamond pattern of the black, however, as you get closer you will see that in-between this pattern is a sheer gossamer texture subtle and yet very sexy, in my opinion.

    This style of dress was best suited to being a semi-mini dress, so you can wear her with sparkly sheer tights, no tights and strappy heels; or thicker tights and long boots.  Because of the stretch within the fabric this dress easily lends itself to a curvy figure complimenting your silhouette.

    The fun of this cocktail dress doesn’t stop there, a deep black velvet collar that is made up of peaks that stand up are woven into the fabric. To celebrate your gorgeous legs the velvet theme is carried through to the hem using a bold velvet ribbon with a small velvet bow as an extra finishing touch. Drop shoulder slim fitting sleeves, easy to slip over an evening jacket, coat or a little leather jacket.  Velvet is a Coral Turner ‘Exclusive Original’ label, there is only one of this ready to wear dress available made in this fabric, she’s a stand alone piece.