Measurement Chart

How to take your own Measurements

Bust: raise your arms and placing a tape measure underneath, lower your arms and measure all the way round the fullest part of your chest.

Waist: when measuring your waist, think in terms of where a slim belt would rest, measure around the smallest part of your waist; do not pull the tape measure too tight, keep it comfortably relaxed.

Hips: measure around the widest part of the hip, slide the tape measure up and down this section of your body, to make sure you have the largest measurement in this area.

Fitting your curves – your measurement chart

Jersey fabrics are beautiful to wear, have a comfortable stretch, great recovery and ease.  The measurement charts set out below are based on the measurements I use to make the ready-to-wear garments on the website.

The models on the website vary in height from 5ft 2″ up to 5ft 9″.

If you have any queries about your size before ordering, either call me on  +44 7895 334577 alternatively email to talk about the garment you are interested in purchasing.

UK Measurement Chart for Jersey Dresses and Tops


Size Bust Waist Hips
8 32 inches 26 inches 36 inches
10 34 inches 27 inches 38 inches
12 36 inches 29 inches 40 inches
14 38 inches 31 inches 42 inches
16 40 inches 32 inches 43 inches


European Size Chart with UK comparison for Jersey Dresses and Tops


UK Size EU Standard Bust Waist Hips
UK 8 34 S 33-34 inches 25-26 inches 35.5-36 inches
UK 10 36 S 34-35inches 26-27 inches 36.5-37.5 inches
UK 12 40 M 36-37 inches 28-29 inches 38.5-39.5 inches
UK 14 42 L 37.5-38 inches 30-31 inches 40-41 inches
UK 16 44 L 39-40 inches 32-33 inches 42-43 inches