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A Bespoke Garment is an item of clothing made to your exact measurements, it’s an individually handcrafted item.  Contrary to popular belief, having a garment made for you is not solely for special occasions; as a dressmaker based in London some of my clients often request staple wardrobe pieces, they wear on a regular basis. The fit of your outfit, is a wonderful confidence booster, utilizing my expertise in fitting, I want to make sure you are looking your absolute gorgeous self.

There are many ways in which to stand out from the crowd, one of which, is what you wear; people notice people, we describe ourselves non verbally through what we wear, and how we wear it.

That’s what having a garment made specifically for you, does for you, its transformative.  It’s a wonderful process, having a dress made in your measurements, no guess work and hope it fits.  Couture dressmaking, is all about the personal attention you receive whether it be, an Evening Gown, Tea Dress, Cocktail Dress to name but a few.  Every detail with regards to your garment is all about YOU, from the drop of the neckline, to the length of the dress, long sleeves, or three-quarter length to show off your bracelets.

The fabric and colour(s) are also your choice, a garment made in a colour you love, that loves you, is always a stunning showpiece. It is often assumed that having a garment made is for special occasions only, however that is not the case.  Dressing for your place of work, attending parties, travel, these all take precedent in our lives and wardrobes, to be the best version of ourselves, is always a worthy goal.

I also design and  make couture dresses for attending a wedding, there’s also separates such as party tops and blouses.  I also provide dressmaking services for Ladies Day at the Races. One-of-a-kind dresses are my specialty, together we go through the whole process from designing your outfit, to choosing your fabric, as well as accessories.  This is your opportunity to transform not just your wardrobe, but your personality, have some fun, be adventurous!

The initial starting point is a 1-1 consultation:

  • We discuss your intended garment
  • The occasion for this couture garment
  • The timescale involved alongside costs (do you have a budget in mind)?
  • Fabric choices, colour palette (do you have a favourite colour)?
  • And much more…


There is a non-refundable consultation fee for this meeting.

I have worked with curvy women for whom sometimes there is not enough fabric length in the back of the garment, causing it to ride up.  Or my petite ladies who find the sleeves or the body of the garment is too long, in some ready-to-wear outfits. Tall ladies find the sleeve lengths in ready-to-wear annoyingly short, not to mention the finished length.  Couture Dressmaking solves all of these problems for you.  That’s the beauty of couture dressmaking, from start to finish it’s all about YOU.

To talk more about couture clothing and having a garment made in your measurements call me on +44 7895 334577 or email info@coralturner.com.

Speak soon…

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